Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Young people in London are giving strong pro-life leadership

I am delighted and greatly encouraged to see young pro-lifers in London launching such bold and adventurous campaigns to defend life, as are currently being undertaken by the 40 Days for Life London team. The 40 Days team organised an ongoing prayer vigil outside of the BPAS clinic in Bedford Square (pictured). The vigil began Wednesday 9th March and concluded this past Sunday.

As well as organising a continuous all-day vigil every day for forty days, the team have also organised a number of other pro-life events.

One of these events was to hire the Notting Hill Coronet Cinema on two evenings and to host the UK Premiere of Maafa 21. Maafa 21 analyses the eugenic foundations of the abortion industry and explains that those eugenic principles are still in action today. In particular the movie focuses on the history of Planned Parenthood and it’s founder Margaret Sanger. Maafa 21 effectively reveals that racist attitudes were profoundly influential in the foundation of the abortion movement, and provides compelling evidence that racism remains hugely influential within the abortion industry today. For more information on the film visit the Maafa 21 website, or the webpage of the film’s producers Life Dynamics.

In addition to this the 40 Days team encouraged those supporting the vigil to hand out pro-life magazines all over London, and I understand they hope to keep such ventures going now that this intensive forty day period has come to a close.

I am so pleased to see such positive, effective pro-life leadership being undertaken by young people in our nation's capital and my own home town!

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