Friday 1 February 2013

Russian parliament and British government move in opposite directions on sexualisation of children

Last month I wrote about how the government was funding the Terrence Higgins Trust to teach homosexual practices in schools and I reproduced a letter I had sent to headteachers throughout Britain warning about the impact on schools of the government's same-sex marriage bill becoming law. If the government's legislation reaches the statute books I warned that schools would face:

• Compulsory teaching of same-sex marriage
• Dismissal for teachers with a conscientious objection to teaching about same-sex marriage
• No opt-out for faith schools
• Further promotion of homosexual activity in schools
• Parents undermined.

By way of complete contrast, I received today the following message from a pro-family campaigner in Russia who wrote:
Dear Natural Family supporters,

We in Russia feel deep compassion for our British brothers and sisters who have to fight an increasing attacks on the natural family, as we see in this upcoming vote in the British parliament on the so called "same sex marriage". By contrast in the Russian parliament a new bill banning on the federal level all LGBT propaganda to minors is being considered right now. Isn`t it amazing?

On February 7th in Moscow the IV International Forum for Safe Internet - a Regional World Congress of Families Event - will take place at the RIA-Novosti - Russia`s leading news agency - with participation of 500 top experts in this field, and keynote speeches by the leading international experts in the field of fighting pornography and sexualization of children Dr. Judith Reisman (USA), Calvina Fay - CEO of the Drug Free America Foundation (USA + 40 countries) and Jack Hannick - Fox News director for 15 years - who will share his experience in promoting values through the internet. So this is another area where we dare say Russia is a leader - in 2012 a new federal law has been passed restricting bad content on the web - pornography, etc. And as you may know Russia has initiated a Resolution at the U.N. protecting traditional values.

Sincerely yours,
Alexey Y. Komov, MBA
World Congress of Families Representative in Russia and CIS -
WCF Ambassador to the U.N. -
President Advocacy Group
St. Basil the Great Foundation Director -
Safe Internet League Board member -
In these difficult times, when the British government appears to be attempting to usher in a new age of barbarism, it is important to know that in another major nation a wholly different direction is being pursued.

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