Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Here's a real message of hope for the pro-life movement in Britain

Nichola Pope on the right is pictured here with her friends
Patricia Benson (left) and Tilly Rock - from Castlerigg
Last week I received the following message from Nichola Pope who attended SPUC's youth conference earlier this month. It was one of the most inspiring, encouraging, messages I've ever received in nearly 40 years working at national level in SPUC:

My name is Nichola Pope, I'm 22 years old and work at a Catholic youth retreat centre in the Lake District. I met you very briefly when I came to the SPUC youth conference on the weekend and feel like I've had something completely new breathed into me. I've never been to anything like the SPUC conference before and didn't know what to expect, but I'd heard of it through my parish priest who once asked me to read a letter of yours to the parish. What I experienced was a group of compassionate, faithful and genuine individuals who gave me back my faith in humanity. I felt enveloped in goodness and a real sense of solidarity in breathing God's love and life into the world and this 'culture of death'.  I've always believed that like you said, politcians can't and won't change world but only the conversion of hearts and minds will ever make a difference. I came back from the conference and tried to tell somebody about where I'd been on the weekend and what the general ethos and mission of SPUC is (and my wholehearted agreement with it) and with the reaction I got, exactly what you said at the last talk about 'the battle' completely came to light. I realised how hard it is and how hardened hearts have become, and it made me very sad... but even more determined to live a life of love and witness which cares for nothing but the life and welfare of others, whether it be inside or outside of the womb.
I have always, always been pro life, I'm quite positive I was pro-life before I even realised there was an option... but since the conference I feel more passionately about it more than anything I've ever felt passionate about and I want to thank you and all who are part of SPUC for your dedication, your love, your compassion, your encouragement and your inspiration.

Love and prayers always,
Nichola Pope 
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