Saturday, 3 October 2015

Why SPUC is in Rome for Family Synod: the stakes are high for unborn children

Voice of the Family’s work in Rome has begun in earnest. Yesterday I met Robert Cardinal Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments.

His Eminence has raised fears about the manipulation of the Ordinary Synod, which will open on Sunday 4th October. In the recently published book Christ’s New Homeland Africa: Contribution to the Synod on the Family by African Pastors, His Eminence wrote: "We also see communications strategies being implemented; it would even seem that new methodologies for the synod assembly are being examined in order to give a voice to some lines of thought while endeavoring to make others inaudible, if not to silence them completely. Everything leads us to believe that the next synod assembly will be for many people a synod with high stakes. The future of the family is indeed at stake for mankind today.”

Cardinal Sarah's warning is timely and justified, as Voice of the Family makes clear in their first post from Rome on the eve of the Synod.

The Instrumentum Laboris, the working document of the Synod, clearly undermines the core teaching of the encyclical letter Humanae Vitae, as Voice of the Family's analysis shows.

Given that experienced pro-life campaigners as well as leading academics have long concluded that the acceptance of contraception is at the foundation of the culture of death, a view held too by St Pope John Paul II (see Evangelium Vitae, 13), such confusion generated by the Vatican can only lead to a renewal of the abortion holocaust which, it is estimated, has already cost the lives of more children in the womb than there have people killed in all the wars throughout recorded history. That's why SPUC is in Rome as co-founder of Voice of the Family for this Family Synod. We begin our day praying the Rosary at 9 am. Do please join us. As Cardinal Sarah says: The stakes could not be higher for unborn children than they are at this Family Synod.

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