Saturday 15 November 2008

Obamania is a condition linked to Tonyblairmania

I expressed concern the other day that Bishop Cripian Hollis, the bishop of Portsmouth (pictured), had posted a special message on his website rejoicing at the election of Barack Obama, the most pro-abortion and anti-life President-election in US history.

Bishop Hollis has since placed a "clarification" on his website in which he says:

"I would like to add some words to the statement that I issued last week on the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America.I genuinely welcome his election because he represents such a different political profile from that of President Bush. America – and the world – needs that political change and will benefit from it.However, I am aware of what he has said about abortion and about the so-called freedom of choice and I deplore his words. There is no way in which I endorse his position on these crucial “life” matters, nor, as a Catholic bishop, could I ever do so.Perhaps it’s na├»ve to say this but I hope and pray that the realities of the political process will mean that he has to temper his personal policies on these all important life issues and pay serious attention to the outrage with which many view his “life” agenda."

With all due respect, this clarification is yet another example of Obamania, a condition linked, I think to Tonyblairmania, the symptoms being much the same: In Barack Obama's case a person welcomes his election even though he is committed to extreme pro-abortion, anti-life policies; Tonyblairmania involves welcoming Tony Blair's reception into the Catholic Church even though he refuses to repudiate his political record on pro-life matters.

I will ask Bishop Hollis whether if, instead of being required to agree to kill babies on demand, doctors were required by Barack Obama's policies to agree to kill, for example, Catholic priests, would the bishop continue to insist on welcoming his election?