Tuesday, 2 October 2012

How Abortion Rights lost the argument about illegal abortion figures

Abortion Rights stunt
Abortion Rights is the UK pro-abortion group formed by the merger of the National Abortion Campaign (NAC) and the Abortion Law Reform Association (ALRA), and is supported by the trades union movement. Yesterday Abortion Rights tweeted:
"There are 600-800 illegal abortions every day in Morocco. Support legalisation here: http://bit.ly/REHm9g"
Anthony Ozimic, SPUC's communications manager, tweeted back and here is the record of the conversation:
Anthony: "More fake figures from [the] abortion lobby, famous for such fakery. UK: pop. 60m, 600 legal abortions daily. Islamic Morocco: pop. 32m"

Abortion Rights: "Fakery? Don't make me laugh. Anti-choice groups have zero credibility when it comes to facts or medical accuracy."

Anthony: "Stop avoiding the q[uestion]. Back up [the] Morocco figures or withdraw. Admit abortion lobby history of faking illegal abortion stats."

Abortion Rights: "What? Don't be ridiculous. Figure comes from [the] petition link."

Anthony: "[The p]etition doesn't cite any studies, just asserts [the] figure. Back it up."

Abortion Rights: "Don't order me to back it up. If you've got a problem with the figures you're welcome to investigate. Till then, get lost."

Anthony: "In other words: you've lost the argument. No wonder you're reduced to silly stunts with coathangers and weird make-up." (Anthony was referring to a Guardian report last week, pictured).

Abortion Rights: "Ha! I won't take lessons in PR from the group that thinks 'gay marriage will increase abortion rate' is a good campaign idea."

Anthony: "We stand by our campaigns. Do you stand by the figures you tweeted for illegal abortions in Morocco?"
No further reply was received from Abortion Rights. Shortly afterwards they (we assume the tweeter was Darinka Aleksic, Abortion Rights' campaigns coordinator, pictured centre) told another pro-lifer on Twitter:
"[I]t was SPUC telling me to 'back it up', that got to me! Wouldn't normally be so irritated."
Well done Anthony for exposing the latest in a long line of cases where the pro-abortion lobby have simply invented illegal abortion figures - see the following blog-posts for more information:
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