Monday, 3 December 2012

The Islamic Sharia Council urges Muslims to lobby against presumed consent to organ donation

The Islamic Sharia Council, a panel of scholars which provides advice and guidance from an Islamic Sharia perspective, has issued a statement (pictured) against the proposed bill in Wales for presumed consent to organ donation. The statement says:
"We oppose the forced/compulsory taking of organs without consent at time of death (as in presumed consent)

We are dismayed to hear about the proposed bill in Wales on presumed consent which will allow doctors to take organs by force at the time of death and without giving our written consent or permission before.

We in Sharia Council absolutely oppose strongly this proposed bill.

We are aware that the present law is adequate in that anyone wishing to donate organs may do so by giving consent in writing before death. In absence of this, how can it be assumed that the deceased has consented? On the contrary it can be assumed that the deceased did not consent at all.

We therefore, not only oppose the proposed bill but also urge all the Muslims in Wales/UK to write to the members of the Welsh Assembly to drop and stop this bill."
This statement is a very welcome sequel to the fatwa (Islamic ruling) issued by Hizbul Ulama in the UK (Association of Muslim Scholars/UK) earlier this month.

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