Tuesday 1 November 2011

Catholic journalist commends pro-abortion MP to the nation

Francis Davis, a columnist for The Catholic Times and former director of the Las Casas Institute, has written a series of blog-posts on the address which was due to be given at Blackfriars by Dr Jon Cruddas MP (pictured) and the opposition this event attracted due to Jon Cruddas' pro-abortion voting record. As it happened, Jon Cruddas withdrew from the event.

Mr Davis has written with much verbosity about people who object to invitations from Catholic institutions to pro-abortion speakers. All one needs to know, however, about Mr Davis and his position is that he has described Jon Cruddas as "a very good thing" and that he is "proud to commend Dr Jon Cruddas MP to the nation".

This is the same Jon Cruddas MP who in December 2010 told The Catholic Herald that abortion "should be safe, legal and rare" and in June 2007 he said to BBC Sunday AM, when questioned about abortion: “I'm perfectly happy with the current situation”. The current situation in the UK is that there are 570 registered abortions on average each day, with abortions carried out up to birth.

Since 2000, Jon Cruddas MP voted 18 times with the anti-life lobby. For example:
  • voting in favour of the anti-life Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act at second reading - a law designed to kill millions of innocent human beings deliberately created never to be born
  • voting for the pro-euthanasia Mental Capacity Act.
Since Francis Davis is proud to commend this strongly pro-abortion MP to the nation, I suppose that makes me proud to recommend that Francis Davis should not be employed by a Catholic newspaper.

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