Wednesday, 23 May 2012

URGENT Urge MEPs to reject homosexual marriage resolution

We have been informed this afternoon (Wednesday 23 May) by our colleagues at European Dignity Watch of a vote tomorrow (Thursday 24 May) between 12pm and 2pm (continental time) to approve a pro-homosexual/anti-family resolution entitled "Fight against homophobia in Europe". Your urgent action – as soon as you receive this message – would be greatly appreciated. European Dignity Watch writes:
"Tomorrow [Thursday 24 May] the European Parliament will vote on a joint resolution on the fight against homophobia in Europe. As usually happens when it comes to LGBT lobbying, the resolution has been put on the agenda in a cloak-and-dagger operation during the conference of group leaders just before plenary started this Monday in Strasbourg. Supported by a wide range of political groups, among others by the EPP group, the document urges Member States to legalize same-sex registered partnerships and “marriage”. This resolution is a sweeping blow of the LGBT lobby calling upon all European Institutions to take severe action on the matter."
Please email your MEP and urge him/her to vote against the resolution. UK subjects can find their MEPs' contact-details at Citizens of other EU member-states can find their MEPs' contact-details at Please copy any replies you receive from MEPs to

Briefly explain your concerns and cite some of the points below to support your concerns.

Problems with the resolution include that it:
  • calls on other EU member-states to consider giving legal recognition to homosexual relationships
  • uses the highly-politicised terms 'homophobia' and 'hate speech'
  • likens so-called 'homophobia' to racism, xenophobia and anti-semitism 
  • cites education as a key method of tackling so-called 'homophobia'. Such education is likely to include education given to children in school, presenting and promoting homosexual relationships as equal to real marriage. This will be a further assault on the innocence of children and the prior right of parents who are the primary educators of their children. Problems of conscience may also arise for teachers. 
Arguments you can use to support your concerns:
  • Homosexual marriage lacks basic elements of true marriage e.g. the complementary sexual difference between spouses necessary for the procreation and healthy upbringing of children
  • It is not 'neutral' for governments to regulate (and therefore endorse) homosexual partnerships. Rather it is governments taking a highly-politicised view of the nature and purpose of marriage. Governments are thus effectively seeking to dilute, denature and completely redefine what is in fact a natural and primary institution
  • The fundamental group unit of society is not government; it is the family based upon the marriage of a man and a woman. Governments have a duty to serve and protect natural marriage and recognise its primacy, not redefine it
  • Once homosexual civil partnerships and homosexual marriage have been accepted, calls for and attempts to legislate for polygamy could follow. Research shows the polygamy is harmful for the adults and children involved, and wider society 
  • The financial costs of amending legislation and civil procedures to accommodate homosexual unions will run into billions: a staggering amount at a time of serious financial concerns across the EU 
  • Neither the Universal Declaration of Human Rights nor the European Convention on Human Rights make any mention of 'sexual orientation' or 'gender identity'
  • Only a small number of governments around the world recognise homosexual marriages, registered partnerships, cohabitation, adoption or fertility assistance
  • The European Court of Human Rights has held that there is no right to, nor obligation on European countries to permit, homosexual marriage
  • The resolution's timing could unduly influence pending cases at the European Court of Human Rights
  • Serious concerns have been raised about EU Commission funding of ILGA-Europe (the International Lesbian and Gay Association), which has received around 80% of its funding from the EU Commission
  • Approval of homosexual marriage will lead to court cases against religious bodies who refuse to bless homosexual unions.
For information about why SPUC, as a pro-life campaigning organisation, campaigns against same-sex unions, please see our position paper on same-sex marriage which follows a resolution passed by SPUC's Council last year. SPUC has also made available a background paper to be read in conjunction with the position paper and which provides some additional references and reflections.

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