Thursday, 28 March 2013

Be a leader in the campaign to save marriage

On 5th February 2013, the House of Commons voted by 400 to 175 in support of legalising same-sex marriage. It seems likely that the next major vote in the House of Commons – the third reading – will take place towards the end of May. We believe that this bill can still be stopped. But we need your help.

What you can do

We are looking for leaders to volunteer to co-ordinate local leafleting teams against this legislation.

Door-to-door leafleting is the tried and trusted way of reaching large numbers of people with an important message.

We are targeting specific constituencies where we feel the MP might be convinced to either vote against the bill, or at the very least abstain if they voted in favour of it at second reading.

But it is essential, if our leafleting campaign is going to be effective, that it is organised by committed leaders. Can you lead a leafleting team in your constituency or a nearby constituency on our target list? SPUC can give you all the materials you need to lead a local campaign and can help you to recruit local leafleters.

Will you please help us to do everything we can to stop this dangerous legislation?

Please contact me if you are willing to take a lead, so that we can discuss the practicalities: your nearest targeted constituency etc. You can contact me at the email address immediately below this blogpost.

Many people think that letting people with same-sex attraction get married is only fair. They have no idea of the far-reaching effects of such a move. A recent legal opinion has confirmed that:
• churches will be penalised if they refuse to conduct same-sex marriages
• that teachers will lose their jobs if they fail to teach children about same-sex marriages, and
• that parents will not be allowed to withdraw their children from such lessons.

Moreover, if this legislation is passed then motherless and fatherless families will be institutionalised.

Real marriage protects unborn children. Babies conceived outside marriage are four to five times more likely to be aborted. In undermining the true nature of marriage in law we undermine the institution which gives most protection to unborn children.

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