Thursday 7 March 2013

Read this excellent analysis of the same-sex marriage debate

Matthew McCusker, one of SPUC's youth bloggers, has written an excellent analysis of the same-sex marriage debate, entitled  "Is the true nature of marriage self-evident?"

Matthew's analysis starts by posing the problem that:
"[I]t is becoming increasingly clear that our society no longer possesses a clear definition of marriage ... How has our society come to be divided into two such irreconcilable factions, with one group holding as self-evident something which is now incomprehensible to the other?"
Matthew continues:
"To help answer this question I wish to consider the matter in the light of the philosophy of St Thomas Aquinas. This is primarily a philosophical question and I hope that the following discussion will be of interest to people of all religious backgrounds and none."
He concludes by stating:
"It is only when the true meaning of marriage is fully understood that it will once again become self-evident to all that two men or two women can never enter into the specific kind of union that marriage involves."
Do read Matthew's insightful blog-post in full.

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