Friday, 7 June 2013

Listen to SPUC's Anthony McCarthy talk against same-sex marriage

Back in February, Anthony McCarthy, SPUC's senior education manager and a respected bioethicist, gave a talk in Newcastle explaining why same-sex marriage will be bad for the protection of children, both born and unborn. You can listen to Anthony's talk by clicking on the video-box below or on SPUC's YouTube channel. Anthony ended his talk with a plea:
"If you want to defend marriage, and if you want to defend the unborn, and you want to actually challenge an attempt in our laws to redefine man and woman (in effect), then please - please - stand up and be counted and listen to my colleagues (at SPUC) and see what you can do."
Anthony's plea is all the more relevant as the campaign is far from over in the House of Lords to stop the government's same-sex marriage bill. Learn from Anthony the arguments you need to help maintain a campaign of unwavering defence of our children and our children's children against the abolition of marriage which protects them. People wishing to lobby Members of the House of Lords should contact SPUC on 020 7091 7091 or by email to

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