Monday, 24 June 2013

Must-read pro-life news-stories, Mon 24 June

Top stories:

Write to the French Embassy in London to demand the release of Nicolas
French pro-life/pro-family colleagues have contacted SPUC and asked us to highlight the fate of Nicolas Bernard-Buss, a young protester against same-sex marriage, who has been sentenced to two months in prison for the alleged crime of "rebellion" and other questionable offences. His case seems to be one of the worst of a large number of similar cases of police persecution directed against the hundreds of thousands of French people who have protested in recent months against same-sex marriage. Please contact the French Embassy in London to demand his release and the end of police persecution of protesters against same-sex marriage: His Excellency Bernard EmiƩ, Ambassador, French Embassy in the United Kingdom, 58 Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7JT Tel: 020 7073 1000 Email: [John Smeaton, 22 June]

Tower Hamlets parents protest about abuse of science National Curriculum
Parents in Tower Hamlets will be taking to the street to protest about children being taught about sex in science lessons, which they claim is an abuse of the National Curriculum. While children at Arnhem Wharf Primary School, E14 3RP, are having a statutory science lesson on the afternoon of 26 June, parents from around the borough will be staging a protest outside the school against the content of the lesson taking place inside. Safe at School is supporting the protest which has been organised by the Tower Hamlets Parents Action Group - SRE. [SPUC, 22 June]

Advertising watchdog accused of political censorship
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has been accused of political censorshop for launching a spurious investigation into an advertisement against same-sex marriage. The ASA launched the formal investigation after it received one complaint against a newspaper advertisement placed by the SPUC. The advertisement warned that "gay relationships will be promoted in schools" if the Government's Marriage (Same Sex Couples) bill becomes law. The complaint alleged that the statement was "misleading". The ASA has demanded that SPUC substantiate its claim. SPUC has today replied to the ASA with a robust letter accusing the ASA of "trespassing on freedom of expression in the political field". [SPUC, 21 June]

Help us stop science lessons being used to teach sex to primary school children
SPUC's Safe at School campaign has campaigned vigorously against the abuse of the National Curriculum for science at Key Stages 1 and 2. Primary schools around the country have been teaching children about sex in compulsory science lessons from which their parents cannot withdraw them. This is a blatant attack on parents’ rights to protect their children from sex lessons they consider inappropriate. [John Smeaton, 20 June] Action points:
  1. Parents of primary school children should ask to see the lesson plans for science classes to find out if sex is being taught.
  2. Parents should contact Safe at School straight away if their child’s primary school is abusing the national curriculum.
  3. Order copies of the latest edition of SPUC's campaign bulletin on sex and relationships education - by email to or by telephoning 020 7091 7091.
Other stories:

  • Women Deliver Conference 2013: do women have a right to kill but no right to conceive? [SPUC youth blog, 24 June]
  • All-Ireland Rally for Life, 6 July, Garden of Remembrance, Dublin [Pat Buckley, 24 June]
  • Ireland's Catholic bishops sent anti-abortion leaflet to all parishes [Irish Times, 24 June]
  • New Down's Syndrome test leads to fears of an increase in abortions [Mail, 23 June]
  • New Irish opinion poll shows strong support for a free vote on abortion and for a referendum rather than the currently proposed Government legislation [Pat Buckley, 21 June]
  • Obese UK woman had abortion to have gastric band operation [Sun, 21 June]
  • Maternal and neonatal health better in Ireland than in Great Britain, reports the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons [Pat Buckley, 20 June]
  • Judge gave decision on life-saving treatment over his mobile - while at the zoo [Mail, 24 June]
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