Saturday 22 June 2013

Write to the French Embassy in London to demand the release of Nicolas

Nicolas under arrest
French pro-life/pro-family colleagues have contacted SPUC and asked us to highlight the fate of Nicolas Bernard-Buss (pictured), a young protester against same-sex marriage, who has been sentenced to two months in prison for the alleged crime of "rebellion" and other questionable offences. His case seems to be one of the worst of a large number of similar cases of police persecution directed against the hundreds of thousands of French people who have protested in recent months against same-sex marriage. Here are some links with further information:

La Manif Pour Tous demands the immediate release of Nicolas and the end of systematic repression against opponents of Taubira's law

Disproportionate Sentence for Nicolas B.

Nicolas, 23 ans, anti-mariage gay : deux mois de prison ferme

Please contact the French Embassy in London to demand his release and the end of police persecution of protesters against same-sex marriage:

His Excellency Bernard EmiƩ
French Embassy in the United Kingdom
58 Knightsbridge
Tel: 020 7073 1000

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