Sunday 9 July 2017

Fr George Walsh of St Andrews Cathedral Glasgow asks "Are we hell-bent on killing unborn babies?"

Fr George Walsh, Cathedral Administrator at St Andrews Cathedral, Glasgow, has an excellent letter in The Times, yesterday:


Janice Turner ("We need to be one nation on abortion abortion law", Juy 1) trots out all the hard cases where an emotional response of sympathy for the woman's plight is secured. Perhaps it is worth repeating the old adage that hard cases make bad law. Moreover, women can be deeply psychologically scarred by abortion and there is no quick fix for that.

In essence the issue is simple: are we hell-bent on killing unborn babies? And if so, can we still call ourselves a civilised society? The answer to the first question seems to be in the affirmative and to the second in the negative. People of faith and of no faith know that, given a chance, the embryo or foetus will become a baby. It is a chance that they don't get from the abortionists. Members of the pro-choice lobby would never be able to make any choice if they had not been allowed to be born
St Andrews Cathedral, Glasgow"

Thank you for your leadership, Father.

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