Friday 4 January 2019

Population explosion theories to global warming & the brutal reality of the West's population control policies in developing countries

The appalling consequences of brutal population control measures imposed by China, India, South Korea and other nations – but engineered by the United States, the UK, and other powerful western countries – are presented in chilling detail in an Al Jazeera documentary “The Politics of Population Control”.

The documentary begins with the unbearably moving plight of Chinese parents Pang Zhengdong and Hu Aizhen whose three-year-old daughter has disappeared without trace. Kidnappings of little girls are linked to gendercide which is linked to China’s one-child [including forced abortion] policy and the preference for sons in China with the result that, in some Chinese provinces, 135 boys are born for every 100 girls.

Al Jazeera’s statement about the documentary says:
“This gendercide is a result of politically motivated population control policies imposed more than 30 years ago by well-known scientists and extremely wealthy men like John D Rockefeller III who had access to the highest levels of the US government.
“Their organisations, such as the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Population Council, which still exist today, triggered worldwide fears of a population explosion, according to Professor Matthew Connelly, a historian at Columbia University in New York. He has researched in detail the development of this movement from its beginnings to its effects today. He said:
‘The Population Council saw its mandate not just to control the rate of population growth, but also to address problems in the quality of population. So they had an explicit mandate to try to do something about the growth of the fertility rates among people who they thought would eventually take over the world if something wasn't done to reduce fertility rates across the board. But especially among people who they thought would be poor parents that would have even more poor children.’
“The fear of poor people having children gained steam in American politics by 1966, where US president Lyndon B Johnson attached conditions to receiving development aid, one of them being that recipient countries must reduce their population.
“This eventually led to the creation of the United Nations Population Fund, which actively channelled millions into population control campaigns in South Korea, China, and India - including forced sterilisations and the mandatory use of contraceptives by poorer segments of society.”
Professor Connelly expresses the worry that what was being done by the world’s wealthiest countries thirty years ago on the basis of population explosion propaganda is now being done by the world’s elite nations in the name of global warming – and, once again, the target is the poorest nations on earth, and the population controllers are setting their sights on Africa.

Correctly, “The Politics of Population Control” identifies the malign worldwide political influence of Dr Henry Kissinger’s National Security Council Study – known, in short, as NSSM 200 – “Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for US Security and Overseas Interests”. The study was promoted and endorsed by Dr Henry Kissinger, President Nixon’s National Security Advisor who pressed the need for “US leadership in world population matters” and urged for “strong emphasis” on motivating leaders of “key developing countries” to accept family planning activities.

The policies spelled out in Kissinger’s NSSM 200 led to western governments funding China’s forced abortion regime – and many other terrifying schemes resulting in some of the worst human rights abuses of the past century.

In an article I wrote for Human Concern in 1995, SPUC’s newspaper at that time, I said:

“Henry Kissinger and the other authors of ‘NSSM 200’ were very mindful of the outrage which would certainly be expressed by developing nations if it became clear that their populations were being targeted by the United States and they therefore made the following recommendation: ‘The US can help to minimize charges of an imperialist motivation behind its support of population activities by repeatedly asserting that such support derives from a concern with: a) the right of the individual to determine freely and responsibly the number and spacing of children … and b) the fundamental social and economic development of poor countries”

Sadly, the Al Jazeera documentary betrays one major blindspot – the fundamental injustice of legalised abortion in the west which has claimed the lives of countless million unborn children and blighted the lives of countless millions of mothers, fathers, and their surviving children. Indeed, the populations of western nations have also fallen victim to the Kissinger-style propaganda and policies which continue to be visited so tragically on developing nations, not least the major target of the Gates Foundation: Africa.

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