Tuesday 27 April 2010

Abortion recovery care helpline for the UK is launched today in Glasgow

I'm in Glasgow today for the launch of a UK-wide new abortion recovery care service and free helpline at the Trades Hall in Glasgow: ARCH* (Abortion Recovery Care and Helpline), formerly known as British Victims of Abortion.

Today is the 42nd anniversary of the Abortion Act 1967 coming into effect (on 27th April 1968). It is, therefore, good to be present at the launch of such an important project - today of all days - reaching out to women, men and families who have been adversely affected by an abortion experience by offering counselling for Post Abortion Trauma (PAT).

ARCH has been set up in recognition of the fact that PAT is becoming a recognised problem in the UK, and is on the increase in Scotland where more than 60% of abortions are now RU486 abortions.

Margaret Cuthill (pictured), a PAT counsellor working with ARCH who is also post-abortive, said:
"We recognise that there is a great need for much in-depth work in the area of post-abortion recovery. ARCH will work to support and encourage the development of honest, caring support networks throughout the country to help women. We also want to encourage more research into PAT and raise greater awareness and understanding of this damaging condition.

"In the past surgical abortions were the norm and PAT often took a long time to surface for many women. Now the majority of abortions in Scotland are performed using RU486 where the woman is taking the pills herself and living with the procedure over a number of days. Post abortion counsellors like myself can see that in these cases PAT is immediate so we know that this service is vital."
Speaking at today's press conference, Margaret Cuthill said that women were "tortured and tormented" by abortion. Quoting Shakespeare's Richard II, Margaret conveyed the sorrow of abortion in these words:
“My grief lies all within, And these external manners of lament Are merely shadows to the unseen grief That swells with silence in the tortured soul”
And Cathy MacBean, ARCH's administrator said that she hoped the re-naming of the work which was established in 1987 as British Victims of Abortion would set more women and men on the road to recovery.
*ARCH (Abortion Recovery Care and Helpline) is an organization which offers help for women, men and families to restore their lives and relationships after an abortion experience. It's committed to exposing the truth of abortion’s tragedy in our community that women deserve better than abortion. This is a free, confidential service, and is open to everyone , irrespective of their background, culture, ethnic origin, disability, gender, age and beliefs. It is a project funded by the SPUC educational research trust.
Its website address is www.archtrust.org.uk

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