Tuesday 31 May 2011

David Norris, would-be Irish presidential candidate, is no friend of the unborn or the family

I note that David Norris, the Irish senator who is seeking to be nominated as a candidate for the Irish presidency, is in the news today, regarding a controversial interview he gave in 2002, in part about under-age sexual activity and incest. Pat Buckley, SPUC's man in Ireland, has the text of the interview on his well-read blog.

I also note Senator Norris' extraordinarily flippant comments in 2009 promoting destructive embryo research:
“Nobody takes an embryo to the zoo or the cinema or the church. Let’s be real about this.”
It is therefore clear to me that, based on his views on the unborn, Senator Norris has no place leading Ireland, a civilised, Christian and pro-life nation.

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