Monday 25 July 2011

Read about Amnesty International's policy on abortion

SPUC is re-launching its information on charities as an online index, with new entries and updated information added as and when new information is received. Today's entry is on Amnesty International:

Amnesty International is one of the world's most prominent human rights organisations.

Amnesty International claims that it is not pro-abortion, but it now campaigns for the decriminalisation of abortion. In an October 2010 reply to a SPUC supporter, Amnesty International said that the organisation had in 2006 defined their policy to "Provide women and men with full information on sexual and reproductive health; Repeal laws criminalizing abortion...Ensure access to abortion services to any woman who becomes preganant as the result of rape, sexual assault or incest, or where a pregnancy poses a risk to a woman's life or a grave risk to her health."

The late Michael Evans, Catholic bishop of East Anglia, England, and a prominent member of Amnesty International, left the organisation in protest at its change of policy to support legal abortion.

Amnesty International has criticised Latin American countries for banning or restricting abortion.

Amnesty International's "Integrated Strategic Plan 2010 to 2016" states that it will work for the " of sexual and reproductive rights and health" (p. 8). SPUC comment: "sexual and reproductive rights and health" is used commonly as either a technical term or a euphemism for abortion on demand.

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