Sunday 23 October 2011

Dad inspired by new-born son to work for the unborn

This week I had the pleasure of greeting James Croucher at SPUC HQ who's training for the Anglican ministry and who recently raised £672.59 running in the Farnham Marathon.

Not only is James a first-time marathon runner for unborn babies, he's a first-time dad of a new-born baby, Charlie - pictured below.

He told me that for he and his wife, Charlie's birth really brought home to them the reality of abortion.

Linda Davidson, SPUC's receptionist (pictured with James and me above), first heard from James last June.  She tells me:
"James was keen to see what SPUC was all about and was trying to decide to which cause to donate his time, energy and funding.  I asked him to pop in and have a chat. During our talk he said he that abortion really affected him.

"I sent him off with lots of our material to read and he came back shortly afterwards to say that he had decided on SPUC for his debut in the Farnham Marathon. He had never run a marathon before and didn't even particularly like running! He said: 'I don't enjoy running but remembering the cause should get me around."
So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, James! And thanks Charlie (and Charlie's mum, of course) for inspiring your dad to work so hard for babies and their mothers by supporting SPUC.

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