Monday 4 February 2013

Round-up of recent news on same-sex marriage

There is a great deal of press reporting and comment on the government's iniquitous proposals to legalize same-sex marriage - proposals they did not dare to put to the British electorate at the general election.

Without implying approval for any of the content of stories/articles/papers at the links below, I reproduce for your information, some of the main stories which have appeared today and over the weekend concerning the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) bill.

Church of England briefing for 2nd reading

Tory MP Caroline Dinenage: Banning gay couples from marrying ‘takes nothing away from their relationship’

Michael Gove op-ed supporting gay marriage

The blogger Cranmer on “Cameron’s gay marriage hypocrisy”

French National Assembly votes for gay marriage 249-97 in initial vote

Tory waverers press-ganged to back Cameron on gay marriage vote

Important essay by philosopher Roger Scruton and policy thinker Philip Blond against gay marriage

Telegraph editorial criticising David Cameron

Grassroots Tories 'betrayed' by David Cameron over same-sex marriage

New Archbishop of Canterbury challenges David Cameron on gay marriage

Two-thirds of Tory MPs could refuse to back gay marriage

Former Telegraph editor Charles Moore: “This Equality obsession is mad, bad and very dangerous”

Cameron makes last-ditch push for same-sex marriage

Only one voter in 14 says gay marriage is a priority issue that would be important in deciding next election

Melanie Phillips  Why failing to stand up for marriage is the reason Tories are always in crisis

Coalition for Marriage: Broken promises: Cameron said he had ‘no plans’ to redefine marriage

Coalition for Marriage 2nd reading briefing

Tobias Ellswood MP: I’m a ‘progressive Conservative’ but I will vote against gays marrying

Norman Tebbit: The same-sex marriage folly is symptomatic of the Coalition's inability to manage its affairs

Teachers free to speak out against same-sex marriage, insists Gove


Rebels line up to jilt Dave at the gay altar

Conservative party ripped apart by gay marriage vote

Gay voters have described David Cameron’s support for same-sex marriage as a ‘cynical political stunt’.

Final plea by Maria Miller to MPs to vote for gay marriage

Ex-MP Paul Goodman: The same-sex marriage bill - and why I'm cutting the money I give to the Party

David Burrowes MP in Huffington Post

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