Monday, 11 March 2013

Cardinal Scola's championship of family is highlighted by Pontifical Council on eve of papal election

I am encouraged to notice that, on the eve of the conclave, the Pontifical Council for the Family has published Cardinal Angelo Scola's recent, profoundly topical and relevant, opening address at the recent 7th World Meeting of Families in Milan.

Cardinal Scola, the archbishop of Milan, who served as Patriarch of Venice from 2002 - 2011, said that the church's "passionate" care for the family was a "decisive contribution" for each person and for "today's society and that of the future".

He said: "It is a contribution to civilization, because the family is the appropriate place of procreation and education understood as an introduction to the whole person to all of reality".

I am encouraged that the Pontifical Council for the Family has put the central moral and political issue of the modern world - the family as "the appropriate place of procreation and education" - centre stage as the papal election commences.

At a time when the British government is seeking to institutionalise fatherless families and motherless families by legalizing same-sex marriage, and "gay marriage" is being championed by the world's most powerful politician, Barack Obama, the US president, let's pray that Cardinal Scola's sentiments concerning the family are "centre stage" in the cardinals' considerations and decision in the week ahead.

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