Thursday 23 May 2013

Must-read pro-life news-stories, Thu 23 May

Top stories:

The battle against government's same-sex marriage bill moves to the Lords
The bill now goes to the House of Lords where it faces concerted opposition, and there is no guarantee that the government will be able to force it through, despite the government’s strength in the Lords. We need to mount a strong campaign. Please contact to find out what you can do. [SPUC, 23 May]

Lords should have confidence to reject same-sex marriage at first vote
Peers should have confidence to vote against the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill at its first House of Lords debate due on 3 June, says SPUC. SPUC was commenting after the House of Commons voted in favour of the bill by 366 to 161. All amendments which sought to limit the damage that the bill threatens to wreak on society were rejected. Previously MPs voted by 400 to 175 for the bill. Paul Tully, SPUC’s general-secretary, commented: “The fact that the government failed to increase the proportion of MPs supporting the measure indicates the weakness of their case for this bill." [SPUC, 21 May]

Stephen Shaw walks to raise funds in defence of marriage and the unborn
From 20-24 May, Stephen Shaw, Chairman of SPUC’s North and North East Scotland region, will hike along the challenging Speyside Way to raise money for SPUC’s work. [John Smeaton, 22 May] Please consider going the ‘extra mile’ with Stephen and help defend marriage, the family and our precious unborn babies in one or two of the following ways:
  • Making a personal donation in lieu of sponsorship
  • Gathering sponsors for the Speyside Way walk
Other stories:

  • Catholic doctors reject the new stem cell technique [FIAMC, May]
  • Disabled woman judged 'not worth saving': Charity claims hospital doctors let her die after she developed pneumonia [Mail, 21 May]
Sexual ethics
  • The evidence that blows apart Mr Cameron's claim that gay marriage will strengthen families [Mail, 22 May]
  • Nine in 10 children born to cohabiting couples this year will see parents split by the time they are 16, suggests research [Mail, 22 May]
  • More than 500 imams in landmark gay marriage protest [Telegraph, 19 May]
  • Gay marriage could stop Christians becoming teachers or doctors - church leaders [Telegraph, 19 May]
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