Friday, 27 September 2013

Bishop Egan of Portsmouth speaks out for doctors who respect life

Simon Caldwell, the veteran Catholic journalist, reports in this weekend's Catholic Herald that Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth has spoken out in defence of doctors who respect life. The report reads:
"BISHOP Philip Egan of Portsmouth has accused the British Medical Association of favouring euthanasia by limiting doctors’ rights to conscientiously object to starving and dehydrating patients to death.

He spoke after revised BMA guidance told doctors that they would have the support of their union if they refused to withdraw food and fluid on religious or moral grounds – but only if they arranged for another medic to do it instead.

'It is immoral to bring about somebody’s death by withdrawing feeding and hydration,' Bishop Egan said. 'The BMA has shifted its position in favour of euthanasia rather than against it.'

He added: 'The underlying issue is that the law is out of sync with authentic morality.'

'The law in Britain is out of step with the moral foundations of caring legitimately for somebody in their last moments of life.'"
I wish to thank again Bishop Egan for preaching the Gospel of Life in the midst of Britain's culture of death.

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