Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Government's pro-gay schools plan is "an attack on all parents", says Safe at School

Nicky Morgan
Proposals to close schools which fail to promote homosexuality are an attack on every parent in the country, according to SPUC's Safe at School campaign.

Safe at School was responding to comments by Nicky Morgan, the education secretary, to The Sunday Times. The newspaper reports that Mrs Morgan is backing new rules from Ofsted, the schools inspectorate, which punishes schools which it deems to be intolerant of homosexuality.

Antonia Tully, national coordinator of Safe at School, told the media:
"It's quite clear that the new rules for schools actively to promote so-called 'British values' are all about indoctrinating children with a homosexual ideology. The prospect that schools will have to champion homosexuality or risk being downgraded by Ofsted strips all parents of their right to educate their own children about sexual morality.

It is misleading to suggest that same-sex issues must be embedded in the school curriculum in order to protect children. Parents will be left powerless to keep their children safe from harmful sexual lifestyles. Nicky Morgan's zeal to further the gay agenda is undermining every parent in the country."
Safe at School is supporting parents at Welford Primary School in Birmingham, who are calling for the removal of a teaching resource which promotes same-sex families and relationships is being used. (See the related press release Birmingham parents call on Council to get CHIPS out of their school )

Antonia said:
"The Welford parents are furious that this scheme was introduced without ay parental consultation. But more than that, they are worried sick about what is happening to their children."
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