Tuesday 5 January 2016

New pro-life coalition launched in Scotland

John Deighan, SPUC Scotland CEO
John Deighan, my pro-life colleague and opposite number in Glasgow, SPUC Scotland's chief executive, is in the news this week. He has co-ordinated the establishment of a broad pro-life coalition of all faiths and none to oppose the further liberalisation of abortion in Scotland.

Under the banner "Don't stop a beating heart", a large number of pro-life groups are working together to resist the social acceptance of abortion.

John Deighan says:
“The rights of the unborn child are facing new threats with the impending devolution of powers to the Scottish Parliament from Westminster.

“Already, well in advance of the transfer of legislative authority, we are hearing a clamour for further extension of the existing excessively liberal law. This could see abortion legalised from the existing 24-week limit, in most cases, up until the point of birth.

“In response to these deeply disconcerting demands, pro-life supporters from different backgrounds, people of faith and none, in addition to concerned organisations and individuals have decided that we must stand together in the face of this onslaught.”
Paul Tully, SPUC's general secretary, in a statement released yesterday, said:
"Although SPUC is neutral on questions of devolution, we are alarmed by the prospect of the Scottish Parliament voting for laws designed to channel more expectant mothers towards abortion. Already one in five Scottish babies doesn't survive the womb due to abortion.

"The Don't Stop A Beating Heart campaign is sending a crucial message that unborn children in Scotland, England and everywhere are members of the human family and therefore deserve to be protected equally by law. It would be a tragedy if greater recognition of Scottish nationhood led to more Scottish children being killed by abortion."
And new year congratulations are due to John Deighan who has been honoured by the Catholic Church and is now a Knight of St Gregory, a richly deserved award for his many years of courageous Catholic witness.

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