Tuesday 21 June 2016

A new book which brings great clarity to sexual ethics

I very much encourage my readers to listen to a discussion just posted on SPUC's YouTube channel of a new book by Dr Anthony McCarthy, SPUC's Education Director, entitled Ethical Sex: Sexual Choices and Their Nature and Meaning (buy on Amazon). Introducing the book is Thomas Pink, professor of philosophy at King's College, London.

Why is this of interest? In short, because the book brings philosophical clarity to the difficult subject of sexual ethics - a subject of deep relevance to pro-life issues. Ideologies which undermine respect for the unique nature of human sexuality and fertility have grave consequences for the lives of the unborn insofar as they undermine the natural institutions which are their best protection.

I would urge readers to buy and study this ambitious academic book so as to strengthen their understanding of this crucial area of ethics.

Here is what two leading philosophers have been saying about the book:
"McCarthy's book on sex and marriage is full of fascinating, creative and powerful arguments. It interacts with a broad base of philosophical, literary and theological reflection, from Aquinas and Shakespeare to a rich and diverse set of contemporary philosophers. All who want to have an informed view on traditional sexual ethics need to look at this work." Professor Alexander Pruss, Baylor University
"This splendidly and engagingly written book deserves wide attention and careful reading. It defends in an intelligent way - brilliantly debating views opposite to the author's own - a number of important and, I believe, very true theses about human sexuality and sexual ethics." Professor Josef Seifert, International Academy of Philosophy - Institute of Philosophy Edith Stein
Please take the time to listen to this interesting and valuable discussion which took place at the launch of the book this spring. The book is available for sale via Amazon or through SPUC (telephone 020 7091 7091).

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