Tuesday 22 July 2008

Can you remember what you were doing when Parliament voted to create human-animal hybrids?

A reader sent me this snippet from Grayfriar News, Summer 2008, the newsletter of the Roman Catholic religious order, the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal:

"It was beautiful sunny May day in St. James Park, London. The sky was blue, the foliage in lush green bloom and the birds in full spring voice. A day to thank God for the wonder of His creation and for the simple joy of being alive. Those people who were walking, jogging and cycling through the park were enjoying one of the finest days of the year so far. All seemed right with the world. But the evening before, just half a mile away, something had happened, something momentous, something most people had deemed unthinkable. In the Houses of Parliament, members of the House of Commons had voted overwhelmingly... to legalise the creation of human-animal hybrid embryos. One of the Catholic newspapers commented, `We have become used to calling ourselves a post-Christian society. But we flatter ourselves. From this week onwards we have definitively chosen to become a post-human society."