Monday 1 February 2010

Former abortion facility director exposes abortionist's trade

Brad Mattes of Life Issues Institute in America has conducted an amazingly revealing interview with Abby Johnson, the former director of a Texas Planned Parenthood (PP) abortion facility. Here's some of the things Abby told Brad:
  • Some of Abby's co-workers were angry when women decided not to go ahead with an abortion. This has led her to conclude that many people who call themselves pro-choice are in fact pro-abortion.
  • There are not many people who work in abortion facilities who are in fact for choice. The people who work there have a sense of shame.
  • Abby's boss started really hounding her about increasing abortion numbers at her facility. Her boss told her: "We've just got to get more women in here for abortions ... Abortion's got to be your priority, because that's where our money is." Abby described this as "sick", and PP's stated aim of helping women as "a farce". Abby said this conversation was the beginning of the end of her commitment to PP.
  • PP don't really give women informed consent, and PP staff have no idea of when a baby has a heartbeat.
  • Abby took the decision to leave PP after assisting in an ultrasound-guided surgical abortion. She was horrified by the reality of abortion, and eventually join pro-lifers who held vigils outside the abortion facility.
Anthony Ozimic, SPUC's communications manager, wrote in 2005 a dissertation on the subject of abortion facility staff. Anthony sent me his reaction to the interview:
"This extremely professional interview is a seminal moment in the campaign to dismantle the abortion industry. Abby's revelations relate to two of my own speculations about abortionists: 
  • abortion inevitably results in what moral philosophers call instrumentalisation. People become instrumentalised when they are used for a lower, ignoble end. Abortion facility staff are being instrumentalised by Planned Parenthood, which is using their skills, not to serve the higher, noble end of medicine, but to serve the lower, ignoble end of easy profit-making. Planned Parenthood is also instrumentalising patients (both women and unborn children) by treating them, not as ends in themselves, but as cash-cows. 
  • complicity even in such a horrific vice as serial killing of the innocent doesn't result in absolute and irrevocable corruption of an individual’s human nature. When Abby discovered the reality of abortion and the abortion industry, she rejected it swiftly and entirely."
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