Sunday 21 February 2010

Fr Euteneuer, head of Human Life International, celebrates Mass and speaks in London this evening

Fr Euteneuer (pictured), president of Human Life International, is in London today. This evening he is coming to Harrow in north London, my neck of the woods, to celebrate Mass at the home of the Daverns.

John and Peggy Davern lead a wonderful Catholic prayer group which is totally committed to praying for the spread of the Gospel of life. Such people work, in my view, in the engine room of the pro-life movement.

Josephine, my wife, and I, have been members of John and Peggy's prayer group for almost twenty years.

Fr. Euteneuer has travelled more than one million miles as a pro-life missionary and has visited fifty-seven countries. I greatly admire the work of Human Life International which has affiliate offices and associates in eighty countries around the world. These last few days Fr Euteneuer has been with the leaders of Human Life International in the Republic of Ireland where the pro-life movement fights a continuous valiant battle against the combined forces of the media, the judiciary, and the body politic which are poised slavishly to promote the western world's anti-life practices. To read more about that daily battle visit Pat Buckley, European Life Network.

I'm looking forward to being at the Daverns this evening for Mass and to hear Fr Euteneuer's perspective on the state of the pro-life battle in Ireland.

Mass this evening at the Daverns will be at 7 p.m.. If you live, or know anyone who lives, in or near Harrow, do join us. Whether or not you're a Catholic, contact me at and I will be delighted to give you directions to the Daverns if you would like to join us.

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