Tuesday 10 January 2012

Education for Choice fails to debunk pro-life campaign against gay marriage

Education For Choice, a pro-abortion propaganda outfit, has today tried (but failed) to debunk SPUC's campaign against so-called gay marriage, a campaign launched in the context of protecting unborn children. EFC deny that there is any particular link between abortion rates and the marital status of women.

Here's a response from Anthony McCarthy, SPUC's education and publications manager:
"If younger women are more likely to have abortions, that is at least partly because they're less likely to have the protective effect of marriage. This effect is not 'magical' but very practical: lack of male support is cited as a reason by so many women wanting abortions. Men who won’t commit publicly to the mothers of their unborn children are likely to be less supportive towards them when they find themselves unexpectedly pregnant. Our society constantly tells women that conceiving a child does not make you morally responsible for that child - and all too many men sadly take that attitude too.

Yes, older married women do have abortions (though still not as often as unmarried women) - sometimes because of marital problems, or worries about foetal disability. Women in this situation need real, life-affirming support - not the 'quick fix' of abortion which does not heal but destroys. At the same time, we need to protect and strengthen marriage in the interests of children and their natural parents - not dilute and distort marriage in the supposed interests of freewheeling adults. When people get the message that it doesn't matter what they choose - providing only that they choose it - everyone suffers, beginning with the vulnerable offspring marriage exists to serve.

Those interested in comparisons between cohabiters and married couples should look at the paper "Unintended pregnancy in the United States: incidence and disparities" by Finer and Zolna (in the journal Contraception, funded by the very anti-life Guttmacher Institute), which clearly shows a big disparity in abortion between cohabiting couples and married ones (almost twice as likely).

The relation between same-sex marriage and the abolition of conjugal marriage (and the need for conjugal marriage to protect children born and unborn) is clear to anyone able to understand simple logic - readers can examine it here: http://www.spuc.org.uk/documents/papers/ssmbackground20120103

EFC's new relationship with Brook is unsurprising, considering that both EFC and Brook (in common with the rest of the pro-abortion lobby) have signally failed to reduce unintended conceptions and sexually-transmitted infections among the young people they falsely claim to serve."
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