Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Must-read pro-life news-stories, Wed 22 Feb

Top stories:

Dolphins are persons with the right to life, claim experts
A group of experts meeting in Canada are claiming that dolphins are persons with the right to life. The experts are calling for recognition of their Declaration on the Rights of Cetaceans. [Metro, 21 February] Anthony Ozimic of SPUC commented: "The most commonly-accepted definition of person is 'an individual substance of a rational nature'. Dolphins are not of a rational nature, unlike unborn children who have an innate rationality which develops with age. The proposed declaration shows just how far modern bioethics has become divorced from reality."

UK prime minister reiterates determination to establish gay marriage
The office of David Cameron, the British prime minister, has reiterated his strong personal support for the establishment of a gay marriage. An unnamed source told The Independent newspaper: "Nothing has changed on this as far as he is concerned. He is very passionate about this subject – it is something that has defined him." [Independent, 21 February] SPUC has published a position paper and a background paper in the run-up to next month's public consultation on gay marriage.

Other stories:

  • UK mother went to Belgium for controversial IVF screening process [Mail, 16 February]
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