Thursday 7 June 2012

Must-read pro-life news-stories, Thu 7 June

Tim Montgomerie
Top stories:

Top Tory says PM's backing for gay marriage is "big factor in a slump in Tory membership"
A prominent activist and commentator within the British Conservative party has said the backing given to same-sex marriage by David Cameron, the Conservative prime minister, has resulted in many resignations by party members. Tim Montgomerie of Conservative Home wrote: "The Conservative Party has damaged relations with many of the country's churchgoers by promising to introduce gay marriage. Many of the more than half-a-million signatories to the Coalition for marriage petition are churchgoers. It's also been a big factor in a slump in Tory membership. MPs tell me that the issue is a top reason for why members are resigning." [Conservative Home, 7 June] Nonetheless Mr Montgomerie, one of the founders of the Conservative Christian Fellowship and the pro-family Centre for Social Justice, has endorsed same-sex marriage.

Unborn babies could be tested for 3,500 genetic anomalies
US scientists claim to have predicted the entire genetic code of an unborn child. The Telegraph newspaper says that it could lead to tests for 3,5000 genetic anomalies. [Telegraph, 6 June] Tests on unborn children often lead to decisions to perform abortions. Anthony Ozimic of SPUC commented: "The science-fiction scenario of the film Gattaca, in which babies are graded at birth according to predictions of future health, is becoming fact. Society can reverse this nightmare scenario by resolving to put human beings above so-called scientific progress."

Other stories:

  • Pro-life groups rally against Spain's abortion law [CNA, 5 June]
  • Abortion can kick-start ‘vicious cycle’ of repeat pregnancies, abortions: UK expert [, 4 June]
  • Rite of blessing for the unborn child approved by Catholic bishops of England and Wales [John Smeaton, 4 June]
  • Bishop of London says moral decline has hit 'epidemic' levels, including abortion [Independent, 2 June]
  • Book now to hear Linda Couri, former pro-abort turned pro-lifer, 8 June, Westminster [John Smeaton, 1 June]
  • Higher risk of complications in IVF pregnancies, say experts [BBC, 6 June]
  • UK prime minister backs controversial IVF plan to create children with 3 parents [Mail, 3 June]
  • I'm scared of dying badly, admits Alzheimer's sufferer Terry Pratchett [Mail, 7 June]
  • Chinese couple pay £130,000 to have a second child to avoid one-child policy [Telegraph, 1 June]
Sexual ethics
  • US Democrats leave party over marriage, religious freedom concerns [CNA, 7 June]
  • The European Parliament was bounced into voting for the radical homosexual agenda [John Smeaton, 6 June]
  • World Congress of Families signs declaration upholding natural family [, 5 June]
  • Minister attacks Channel 4's 'shocking' sex education film aimed at five-year-olds [Mail, 3 June]
  • English Catholic bishop accuses government of one of history's greatest acts of social engineering [John Smeaton, 3 June]
  • State must recognise specific identity of family founded upon marriage, says Pope [VIS, 3 June]
  • Why are Catholic schools in Tower Hamlets using sexually-explicit teaching materials? [John Smeaton, 2 June]
  • Abortion and euthanasia to dominate ethics agenda at BMA annual meeting [Peter Saunders, 6 June]
  • Vatican condemns US nun's book for sexual ethics errors [VIS, 4 June]
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