Friday, 17 January 2014

All 'emergency contraception' can cause abortion, suggests study

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All 'emergency contraception' can cause abortion, suggests study [, 16 January]

MP supports family groups in opposing pornography in schools

David Amess, a leading pro-life MP, has backed a petition calling on Michael Gove, the education secretary, to resist calls for pornography to be presented in the classroom as part of sex education lessons. The petition was organised by SPUC's Safe at School campaign, a parent advocacy group. David Amess joined Safe at School supporters (pictured) in presenting a petition of over 22,000 signatures to the Department for Education yesterday evening. [SPUC, 17 January]

Urgent: abortion clinic licencing consultation
A consultation is being conducted (closing date/time: Monday 3 February at noon) by the Department of Health into the Operating Procedures for licenced abortion clinics. You can contribute online. Read the full alert - SPUC, 16 January

Safe at School seriously concerned by 'expert' group writing porn guidelines for schools
SPUC's Safe at School campaign has expressed serious concern about the so-called 'expert' group which the Department for Education has convened to write guidelines for schools on how to teach pupils about pornography. Antonia Tully, national co-ordinator of Safe at School, told the media today: "We are very concerned about the organisations in this 'expert' group. The SEF has already produced suggestions and lesson ideas for teachers on how to teach children about pornography. These lessons are not about warning children and teenagers about the dangers of pornography. The SEF lessons are promoting pornography; encouraging children and teenagers to explore and embrace it." [SPUC, 16 January]

Sex-selective abortion stats mean government policy must change, says SPUC
In the light of the latest evidence about sex-selection abortion, SPUC has called for immediate reform of the Department of Health's abortion policy which promotes abortion for any reason. Commenting on the investigation by The Independent newspaper into sex-selection abortions, Paul Tully, SPUC's general secretary, said: "Discrimination against women is being perpetuated by abortion. The pro-life movement condemns abortion as an anti-woman policy as well anti-child. However it is important to recognise that most baby girls (and boys) who are aborted are killed by doctors who pretend that the mother's mental health is at risk – and sign forms saying so. The Department of Health funds and defends these abortions, encouraging abuse of the law." [SPUC, 15 January]

Coronation St assisted suicide episode risks misleading public
A forthcoming episode of a popular British soap-opera risks misleading the public on the issue of assisted suicide. Anthony Ozimic, SPUC Pro-Life's communications manager, commented: "Soap operas are successful vehicles for creating emotion, fear and loyalty among the viewing public, but very poor vehicles for fostering the rational, ethics-based and evidence-rich debate needed on assisted suicide." [SPUC, 14 January]

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