Tuesday 6 May 2014

15-year-old supporter's heartfelt abortion plea

Allow me to share with you the feelings of Estelle Dawson, a 15-year-old supporter of SPUC, about abortion. Here's the message she sent to SPUC recently:


"I am writing to share with you a poem which I wrote in a campaign against abortion. I'm a 15 year old girl who wasn't able to attend your most recent conference [SPUC's youth and student conference] fortunately my eldest brother did and was able to share his experience with me.

"There was no great intention in my poem other than turning the way I felt into words in the hope of making people think about the legal murder that we accept as a 'normal' part of modern life.

"Thank you.


"Estelle Dawson"
Mass Slaughter of Mankind.

If you were to find,
A new child of mankind,

Would you end its life?

I'm sure you wouldn't,
Or better yet, that you couldn't,

You would not end its life.

This living child,
Oh so gentle, oh so mild,

You would not end its life.

Its small feeble hands,
The way it can't stand,

You would not end its life.

It's beauty in existence,
Gods creation and consistence,

Could you end its life?

If you agree,
Then why be an adoptee,

To malicious inhumanity,
For reasons such as vanity,

When you could be antiabortion,
And stop this human distortion,

To not think it's okay,
To murder and betray,

Someone so delicate and frail,
Just because you're a female.

So, would you still end their life?

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