Friday 20 February 2015

Surgery no cure for “gender confusion”

I am grateful, once again, to the excellent Family Education Trust's January bulletin, which reports on a Wall Street Journal article about another deeply negative dimension of sex  education and its potential disastrous impact on our children's lives.

A top psychiatrist, writing in the Wall Street Journal, has written of the dangers arising from an “everything is normal” sex education. He writes of school “diversity counsellors” who promote transgender surgery as a means of banishing psycho-social problems, and who (“rather like cult leaders”) encourage youngsters to distance themselves from families advising against such drastic actions. Paul McHugh’s article was entitled TransgenderSurgery Isn’t the Solution.

If you are concerned about what is happening in schools in the name of sex education, please contact SPUC at to find out how you can challenge parliamentary candidates in the forthcoming general election on this issue and on other vital pro-life issues.

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