Thursday, 30 July 2015

The killing of a lion in Africa: Fr Fleming reflects

I am grateful to Fr Fleming for his reflection on the recent, widely-reported, killing of a lion in Africa:

An ancient proverb, attributed (wrongly?) to Euripides says this: “Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.”

Nowhere is this madness more evident than among the self-appointed social and moral revolutionaries of our day. For these folks their new found morality (actually the old pagan immorality) is self-evidently true. They have no patience with those with whom they disagree. Rarely if ever do they look at their own moral inconsistencies. They either have not the wit nor the integrity or neither to allow themselves that kind of intellectual self-criticism.

So now a dentist kills a lion, a popular lion. The various celebrities (eg Ricky Gervais et al) have gone into emotional, psychological and moral meltdown. This wicked dentist is to be shunned, sent to prison, delicensed as a dentist, and otherwise publicly hounded and humiliated.

I don’t like what he did either.

But then I don’t like what other members of the medical profession do to children both born and unborn when they decide to kill them.

So let’s look for a moment at the lion killing. It seems that protesters have “placed animal toys outside Palmer’s River Duff dental practice in Bloomington, a suburb of Minneapolis. The practice was forced to close as protesters staged a recreation of the hunt involving cuddly toys and water pistols.”

Now what does the mass media report when accurate replicas or models of the unborn, routinely killed in abortion, are made available for people (including school students) to see? They report the emotional, psychological and moral meltdown of those who have had these things thrust before them. People are, apparently, traumatised by the mere sight of such replicas or models. Not so the animal toys!

And what happens when pro-lifers stage a peaceful demonstration outside an abortion clinic? They are condemned, harassed, even arrested. They are forbidden to go within a certain distance of abortion clinics. Not so for the protesters outside this dental clinic. They are able to stage a hunt with their “cuddly toys and water pistols”, and protest in such a way that the clinic is forced to close. Not that there is any lion killing going on in the dentist’s clinic in the way that there is human being killing going on in abortion clinics.

Ricky Gervais is a good example of the self-righteous contradictory atheistic moralisers of our day. “It's not for food. It's not the shooting, or tin cans would do. It must just be the thrill of killing. Mental.” he tweets. Or is it bleats? This from the same man who advocates the killings of human beings in abortion, and is a eugenicist to boot!

On the 3rd February Deacon Keith Fournier said this:
"Ricky Gervais is also a eugenicist. He promotes mandatory sterilization. This was evident in an interview he gave to the London Sunday Times over the weekend. He called for the mandatory sterilization of those whom he called 'irresponsible parents'.

"This was not an off handed comment by a controversialist comic. The interview makes that clear. He told the reporter there were “too many unwanted children, too many people who are poor and struggling…. If they all had a good quality of life, no one would complain. What there is, is too many useless people. Too many people who shouldn’t have children.”
Same old problem with the bien pensants: they love humanity in the general but hate it in the particular.

So lions are to be protected from predatory hunters (and I would agree with that), but the unborn, and children with severe disabilities are not be protected against predatory doctors and nurses.

No wonder then that filmed evidence of Planned Parenthood in the US selling foetal body parts for profit is simply not being reported in the mainstream liberal media. Silence rules, OK. Such is the power of the media taboo where uncomfortable truths are brought to them, truths which undermine their facile and stupendously irrational belief that abortion is a matter of choice for the woman and affects no one else.

And the bien pensants now want to slay the messenger. They want to go after the ones who brought this evidence to public notice and sue them into oblivion. PPF is not only not to be defunded by the State, it is to be applauded for making good use of the waste products of a simple surgical procedure (sic).

“Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.” Ye gods and little fishes!

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