Monday 21 January 2008

Business as usual with China which forcibly abort its citizens

In the midst of the intense attacks on human life in the UK today - not least in the form of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill currently before Parliament – we must not forget families living in China, which are being persecuted with the financial and moral support of our Government and the European Union.

Perhaps, like me, you feel a bit helpless about the position in China. With Presidents and Prime Ministers trooping off to Beijing to win multi-billion pound business deals for their countries, the human rights of those oppressed by China’s one-child policy appear to nowhere on the international political horizon.

I was delighted to see the Sunday Mirror, yesterday, drew attention to “China’s one child scandal” – as they headlined it – in a story by Nick Owens and Dick Jones. They say:

“Gordon Brown is in China this week, conducting his most high-profile overseas trip since becoming Prime Minister. He is touring the country's booming business districts as he strengthens trade links between Britain and the world's fastest-growing economy. And, as the eyes of the world turn to Beijing for this year's Olympics, visits to China's new sports stadiums will be high on the Brown itinerary. But away from the red carpets, handshakes and photo-calls lies a sinister programme that won't be on the PM's agenda - China's one child policy. It's a system that's been enforced ruthlessly - sometimes barbarically - across the country.”

SPUC’s youth and student division organized a protest outside the China embassy last term and similar events have been held in Sydney, Australia, by students at Campion College. But we must do more. Write to me at if you would like to discuss ideas for action.