Sunday 1 March 2009

Why Comic Relief should be boycotted

Comic Relief gives massive financial support to groups which promote the legalization of abortion in Africa and worldwide.

Oxfam, according to Comic Relief's latest list (2005/2006) of International Grant Approvals, received £1,000,000. It has a long history of support for abortion, as SPUC's charity bulletin shows, and openly promotes the legalization of abortion in a number of documents on its website.

The African Women's Development fund (AWDF), according to Comic Relief, received £1,560,000. The AWDF charter of feminist principles proclaims its commitment to "Freedom of choice and autonomy regarding bodily integrity issues, including reproductive rights, abortion, sexual identity and sexual orientation".

In December 2000 Comic Relief asserted that they did “not fund, and have never funded, abortion services or the promotion of abortions” (assurance given to the Catholic bishops of England and Wales). However, their own accounts show that they have funded abortion providers and that they continue to fund leading abortion promoters. For further details on the former, see SPUC's Charity Bulletin.

"Only a small percentage of Red Nose Day goes towards abortions", it may be argued, but this argument holds no water. Supposing, in the 1940s, only a small percentage of a charity's funds went towards the killing of Jews and ethnic minorities in concentration camps, would it be OK for people to give to that charity? There is only one answer to that question. And there is only one response to Red Nose Day. Abortion hurts women and kills unborn children and Red Nose Day funds organizations which promote it. Boycott it.