Sunday 8 March 2009

IPPF patronizes Polish women with its anti-life lies

The International Planned Parenthood Federation - IPPF - the world's largest abortion-promoting agency, is targeting and patronizing Polish women with lies about how contraceptives drugs and devices work.

Armed with millions of US dollars promised by Barack Obama to fund the killing of unborn children overseas, they are now concentrating their anti-life propaganda on Poland.

In a statement issued worldwide this weekend backing a Women's Day march in Poland, they blatantly and falsely claim to represent all Polish women in calling for easy access to contraceptives, including abortifacient contraceptive drugs and devices, attacking the Catholic Church, and opposing doctors' right to conscientious objection to abortion.

The IPPF statement links the term "contraception" to another part of their website headlined "Contraceptive Myths and Realities". A search under "A myth/misrepresentation" finds "abortion" near the top of list. It reads:

"Some clients incorrectly believe that injectables prevent pregnancies by causing an abortion."

"Research shows that neither progestin-only nor monthly injectables will disrupt an existing pregnancy. Both types of injectables prevent pregnancy primarily by preventing ovulation. Injectables also thicken the cervical mucus which inhibits sperm penetration. These changes make fertilization extremely unlikely to occur. Injectables also make the endometrium unfavorable for implantation if fertilization does occur."

It is a tactic used by the pro-abortion lobby throughout the world - to argue that a mother is not pregnant until the embryo implants in her womb. Therefore, according to this fallacious argument, drugs which prevent implantation do not cause a miscarriage.

Polish readers of my blog might be interested in the UK experience of how this lie was used to defeat the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children's (SPUC's) legal action against the abortion-inducing morning-after pill. (It's important to note that other contraceptive drugs and devices also cause early abortions.) The judgement against SPUC's action was powerfully challenged in the academic press and elsewhere, as you can see here. In summary, the overwhelming scientific and legal evidence makes clear:
that conception is to be equated with fertilisation;

that a woman is pregnant from fertilisation/conception onwards;

and that miscarriage, being synonymous with abortion, refers to loss of the preimplantation embryo, potentially caused by the morning after pill.
Fortunately, Polish women, pro-life groups, and church leaders are too well-informed and intelligent to allow this kind of patronizing, misleading propaganda to go unanswered.I have no doubt that Poland, as before, will rise to meet the challenge of IPPF. However, let the world take note from IPPF's statement on Poland this weekend : Obama's millions will not only be used to promote abortion, they will be used, and are intended to be used, to attack the largest, organized, pro-life force in the world - the Catholic Church.