Saturday 25 April 2009

Mrs Clinton praises eugenicist birth control promoter

Mrs Hillary Clinton has confirmed that, when her government speaks of reproductive health, that term includes access to abortion. The US secretary of state was talking to the House of Representatives' foreign affairs committee. She also praised Margaret Sanger (1879-1966), the birth-control advocate. Representative Christopher Smith pointed out in the committee that Ms Sanger had been a eugenicist and asked Mrs Clinton to confirm that the Obama administration would promote abortion overseas. Her replies suggested that it would.

Mr Smith later said: "It is evident that Mrs Clinton and President Obama want to force the tragedy of abortion upon women around the world especially and including in countries where democratically elected leaders want to continue to protect their unborn children. There are other ways in which both mother and baby are protected, cared for and helped - with food, nutrition, clean water and life-affirming healthcare. Secretary Clinton's inability to see this will mean more babies will die and more women will suffer the consequence of abortion as a result of US foreign policy overseas."

Mrs Clinton recently received an award named after Ms Sanger from Planned Parenthood.