Tuesday 6 December 2011

Morning-after pill scheme is gift of death for Christmas

SPUC has condemned as "the gift of death" a Christmas promotion to supply morning-after pills following telephone consultations.

SPUC was commenting after the announcement that the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), one of the UK's main abortion providers, has launched the scheme, which it is promoting with offensive advertisements which read: "Sex: getting 'turned on' this Christmas?" (pictured)

Paul Tully, SPUC general secretary, told the media earlier this morning:
"Christmas is about the gift of life, yet BPAS are offering instead the gift of death. According to the manufacturers, morning-after pills can kill newly-conceived human embryos by making the womb's lining hostile. It is a sick idea, and an appalling reflection on society, that an abortion-inducing drug can be supplied over the phone as a Christmas promotion.

"BPAS is a money-grabbing organisation which has a vested interest in increasing the irresponsible sexual activity which often leads to abortion. BPAS wants a greater share of the multi-million pound government contracts in state-funded abortion and birth control. BPAS is advertising the scheme as free, when in fact it will be taxpayers who foot the bill via the government's business deal with BPAS.

"Despite massive promotion of the morning-after pill over the past two decades, the rate of registered abortions, both surgical and by other abortion drugs, has trended upwards. There has also been an explosion in the rates of sexually-transmitted infections, not least because morning-after pills offer no protection against them.

"We call upon the government to end its association with BPAS and its sick advertising campaigns".
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