Wednesday 14 December 2011

Today's must-read pro-life news-stories, Wed 14 Dec

Vince Cable: Malthus was wrong
Top stories:

Sing for the unborn this December
The Good Counsel Network, a pro-life organisation which assists women in crisis pregnancies, are carol singing at London tube stations next week (19, 21 and 22 December) to raise money for their life-saving work. Please go along and join them one evening if you can. If you're not comfortable singing then they always need help collecting money too. For more information and to let them know if you plan to join them please contact Conor on 0207 723 1740. [John Smeaton, 11 December]

SPUC Council passes resolution to defend marriage
SPUC's national council, which is SPUC's policy-making body, elected by its grassroots volunteers, last month passed the following resolution to defend marriage: "That the Council of SPUC, noting the various proposals currently being made by the present Government and others in regard to the status and standing of marriage and its consequent effect upon family life; and further noting the higher proportionate incidence of abortion in unmarried women compared to married women, resolves to do its utmost to fight for the retention of the traditional understanding of marriage in the history, culture and law of the United Kingdom, namely the exclusive union of one man with one woman for life; and accordingly instructs its officers and executive committee to conduct a major campaign to this end, to co-operate with other persons and societies in so doing and specifically to target the Government's consultation period starting in March, 2012, in regard to (so-called) same sex marriage." [John Smeaton, 8 December]

Other stories:

  • UK pro-abortion lobbyist celebrates Christmas morning-after pill promotion as "Jingle Pills indeed"! [BMJ, 12 December] SPUC slams it as "sick trivialisation" [Twitter, 13 December] Lobbyist also claimed: "[I]t's sex [pro-lifers are] against". SPUC comment: What an absurd claim, when in fact many pro-lifers have large families. [Twitter, 13 December
  • UK pro-abortion group holds Christmas carols concert in Anglican church [FPA, 13 December] SPUC comment: Did they dare to sing the famous Coventry Carol with its line: "children young, to slay"? [Twitter, 13 December
  • SPUC challenges review which denies abortions harms mental health [Guardian, 9 November] Detailed SPUC comment [SPUC, 9 November]
Sexual ethics
  • March for Life to be held in Budapest, Hungary, 28 December [Pat Buckley, 13 December]
  • Pope at Guadalupe Mass: Defend life from conception to natural end, protect family in its genuine form [VIS, 13 December]
  • Holy See praises bilateral relations with Chile including pro-life & pro-family mutual interests [VIS, 13 December]

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