Friday, 3 August 2012

Lobby your MP to defend real marriage

Here is a campaign alert from Paul Tully, SPUC's general secretary:
Dear friend of the unborn, 

Many thanks to all SPUC supporters who made submissions to the government’s consultation on marriage, which closed in June. In a few months there will be a report, but whatever this says about the government proposals, we face the likelihood that the government will try to push through legislation to redefine marriage. It is critical that we act now to bring pressure to bear on our politicians to defend marriage. Continuing to promote the Coalition for Marriage (C4M) petition is of great importance, and we also need to begin lobbying individual MPs in earnest.

To help do this, please read two new documents:
Please consider whether you can undertake one or more of these actions:
  • visit your MP – either on your own or with a few like-minded friends - and ask him/her to support real marriage;
  • ask clergy from your church or your local deanery meeting to visit and speak to the MP about this;
  • urge groups like parents with school-age children, members of prayer groups, sodalities like the Knights of St Columba or members of "new movements" to visit the local MP and lobby him in support of real marriage.
In this way, we must work to ensure that local MPs understand the depth of local constituents’ concern about the extraordinary and momentous threat to children and to the family posed by the government’s proposals to redefine marriages. I must stress that it is most important to see MPs of all opinions on this matter. Many sympathetic MPs are resigned about this issue because they think that children won't be harmed, or nothing can be done to stop it, or because of the alleged assurances that churches won't be affected. We need friendly MPs to take a far more pro-active position. Equally we need to put our opponents on the back foot.

We have also produced a revised version of our "Real Marriage" leaflet – and we invite you to order copies to help raise awareness and concerns as widely as possible in your community. You can order a supply of the leaflets by contacting SPUC HQ:
Whatever action you can undertake is greatly appreciated, and I would also make a special request of those who pray to make a point of bringing these issues before God – for the protection of the unborn, of our families and of all peoples.

Yours sincerely in defence of life,
Paul Tully
General secretary
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