Friday 26 July 2013

Bishop Davies says "we must bear true and faithful witness to marriage" in the face of the homosexual agenda

Mark Davies, the Catholic bishop of Shrewsbury, has issued a pastoral letter this weekend in which he says that:
"we must bear true and faithful witness to marriage"
and that:
"The redefinition of marriage by the Government’s recent legislation does not, and cannot, change Christian teaching on marriage, the family, or sexual morality"
Bishop Davies also says that because marriage is:
"ordained by God for the creation of the family and future generations",..."[i]t would be hard to over-estimate in these respects the importance of marriage for human well-being and our ultimate good."
On behalf of SPUC, I wish to express my gratitude to Bishop Davies for his strong leadership and clear vision for a pro-life and pro-family future.

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