Thursday 18 July 2013

Must-read pro-life news-stories, Thu 18 July

Top stories:

Same-sex marriage bill becomes law
The government's bill for same-sex marriage has now become law after its final parliamentary approval in the House of Commons last night and Royal Assent by Her Majesty the Queen today. Paul Tully, SPUC's general secretary, commented: "SPUC notes with deep regret the approval of the bill. The bill's provisions amount to a forthright attack on the natural institution of marriage. It will lead to discrimination and oppression of those who recognise the true importance of marriage for the generation of stable, sustainable families. The bill springs from an antagonism towards traditional families based on a lifelong faithful union geared to the raising and care of children. It will not only lead to further disintegration of families but to enforced teaching of children that 'same-sex marriage' is equivalent to real marriage." [SPUC, 16 July] Sir Gerald Howarth MP warned: There are lots of people out there now who despite all that's been said here will feel unable or inhibited from expressing their true opinions that marriage can only be between a man and a woman. Because we live in a politically correct society and it's going to be very interesting to see what happens to teachers. How many teachers will feel able to express their views even in denominational schools for fear of upsetting their political masters and might lose their jobs?" [Telegraph, 17 July]

See related report [16 July] with comments by Anthony McCarthy of SPUC regarding Catholic parliamentarians: "Conscience is not about personal preferences or taste and it cannot be about conformity to party politics. The obligation to seek the truth must never be curtailed in the interests of ‘consensus’. Too often our political class has made itself shallow by contenting itself to hold superficial convictions rather than deeply informed and judgements, faithful to the faith which they profess. Is it any wonder that, e.g. Catholic politicians, have become completely unable to speak for their fellow faithful when they adopt a ‘liberal’ view of conscience which perpetuates the very liberalism that undermines pro-life and pro-family policies?"

Aborting disabled babies is offensive and government-driven and getting worse
Aborting disabled babies is offensive and government-driven and getting worse, says SPUC. SPUC made the comments in an analysis of the latest official statistics for abortions in 2012. Anthony McCarthy, SPUC's education manager, commented: "It is tragic that, largely unremarked, the latest DoH abortion statistics show that Ground E abortions for suspected handidcap in the foetus were 2,692 this year, as opposed to 2,307 in 2011, an increase of nearly 300. Late abortions (post-24 weeks) have risen from 146 to 160, and that 99 of these took place after 26 weeks. Nearly all of these will have been for disability, at least according to the law ... [T]he double-standard between post-birth care for the disabled and the NHS-funded elimination of the disabled before birth continues apace." [SPUC, 18 July]

Other stories:

  • Euthanasia Holocaust was not about ‘Nazis,’ but eugenics enthusiasts: and now they’re back [, 17 July]
  • UK official forecaster says more immigration necessary to reduce strain of ageing population [Telegraph, 17 July]
  • Adult diapers to outsell baby nappies by end of decade in Japan [Telegraph, 15 July]
Sexual ethics
  • French police begin to rebel against being used by Hollande to oppress pro-marriage demonstrators [Protect the Pope, 17 July]
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