Tuesday 16 July 2013

Pro-family group SPUC laments Lords approval of same-sex marriage bill

SPUC has lamented the passing of the Marriage (Same Sex Marriage) Bill by the House of Lords yesterday.

Paul Tully, SPUC's general secretary, told the media earlier today:
"SPUC notes with deep regret the House of Lords's approval of the bill. The bill's provisions amount to a forthright attack on the natural institution of marriage. It will lead to discrimination and oppression of those who recognise the true importance of marriage for the generation of stable, sustainable families.

The bill springs from an antagonism towards traditional families based on a lifelong faithful union geared to the raising and care of children. It will not only lead to further disintegration of families but to enforced teaching of children that 'same-sex marriage' is equivalent to real marriage."
SPUC has published a position paper on same-sex marriage – explaining why SPUC campaigns for real marriage, and a background paper to be read in conjunction with the position paper and which provides some additional references and reflections.

The bill is expected to return this evening to the House of Commons for MPs to consider amendments made to the bill in the House of Lords by the government, none of which were major amendments. It is predicted that, by the end of this week, the Commons will give final parliamentary approval to the bill and Her Majesty the Queen will give it Royal Assent.

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