Wednesday 20 November 2013

Parents warned about Ofsted imposing homosexual agenda on schools

Parents are being warned about Ofsted, the schools inspectorate in England, imposing a homosexual agenda on schools.

The warning follows a report by Gay Star News that Ofsted is starting to implement guidance, published in September, which judges both primary and secondary schools according to whether they "[teach] about different types of families". (See Ofsted briefing, "Exploring the school's actions to prevent homophobic bullying", September 2013. The briefing is part of a zip file of Ofsted documents which can be downloaded at

Antonia Tully, national co-ordinator of Safe at School, SPUC's parents' support campaign, told the media:
“Safe at School warned repeatedly that allowing 'same-sex marriage' in law would lead to the widespread promotion of homosexuality in schools. The law has not yet come into force, yet Ofsted is already imposing a homosexual agenda on schools. Most parents would find it unimaginable that Ofsted is requiring their child's primary schools to give lessons on same-sex families.

Also under the Ofsted guidance, primary schools have to make sure that any child 'born a girl who would rather be a boy, or born a boy and would like to be a girl' feels safe and included. This requirement places an intolerable burden on teachers to identify such children, and seeks to recruit teachers as unqualified psychoanalysts of gender-neutralism."
Antonia issued a stark warning to parents that they have to take action to protect their children from homosexual indoctrination in school:
"I am advising parents to tell their child's school that they do not want their child to be present in lessons which open up controversial gender theories", said Mrs Tully. "Parents recognise that the relentless promotion of all types of underage sexual activity leads to a culture where their children are at risk of sexually-transmitted infections and abortion."
Although parents are legally entitled to withdraw their children from sex education and religious education lessons, parents cannot withdraw their children from lessons which promote homosexuality if such lessons take place within compulsory National Curriculum subjects.

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