Tuesday 12 November 2013

Sunday Mass sheets feature excellent Gospel reflection on true and false marriage

Many Catholic parishes in Britain make use of "Our Faith on Sunday" Mass sheets, published by The Catholic Printing Company of Farnworth. Last Sunday's Gospel Reflection was an excellent analysis of true and false marriage, in the light of the passing into law of same-sex marriage. The short reflection reads:
"Our Lord reminds us today that the primary reason for which marriage was instituted is the procreation and education of children. To the Sadducees who mock the dogma of the resurrection of all mankind at the end of time,  He shows that their argument against it is of no weight. There will be no marriages in heaven since there will be no need then to keep the race going, as there will be no more deaths.

We are living through a terrible darkening of the mind on the subject of marriage. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that the law of the land has now abolished marriage. If someone were to say, 'by a triangle, I mean a shape of three or four sides' then he would no longer be thinking about triangles, even if he carried on using the word. Likewise, when the law says 'by marriage we mean a conjunction of two adults, whatever their sex', it is no longer speaking about marriage. Marriage is the bond of society; and yet it is no longer recognised in law! Truly, a 'mystery of iniquity' is at work.

In such times, what does God ask of us? Of married people, that they love each other and keep their marriages undefiled and open to life. Of all of us, that we pray, and speak the truth. The present darkness will pass, and Jesus will refute all false doctrines."
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