Thursday 14 August 2008

Abortion amendments threat - briefing

Pro-abortion MPs have tabled a raft of amendments aimed at widening the Abortion Act. With abortions climbing to over 200,000 in recent years. These amendments aim to ensure that abortions can be done:
  • by less qualified operators
  • with less medical oversight
  • in less well-equipped premises
  • on poorly informed women
  • for no medical or psychological benefit.
There are also amendments that weaken the conscience clause, and seek to criminalise pro-life counsellors if women claim their advertisements suggest that they can tell them where to get an abortion.

We are asking people to write to their MPs asking them if they will oppose any such amendments that are debated in the HFE bill report stage. People should also contact the Prime Minister pointing out that, as these amendments would be attachments to a government bill, he will be held accountable for the harm to women and deaths of babies that they would lead to.

A summary briefing on these abortion amendments is available here.